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Andy and Lynn moved to New York in May, 2004.  Andy had a "co-op" with IBM for the summer. (I always referred to it as an internship, but I think that was incorrect.)  This turned out to be a great experience for Andy at IBM, but also for their whole family spending time in what is a very beautiful section of the country.  Andy's work was at the IBM facility in Fishkill, NY, and they found an apartment a few miles away in the town of Beacon. 


Beacon is located on the Hudson River, and was settled in 1708.  It's situated across the river from Newburgh, the site of General George Washingtons headquarters for 18 months during the Revolutionary War.  It's within easy striking distance of the Adirondack Mountains, where Andy and Lynn spent some time, and is just upstream a few miles from West Point.  The Appalachian Trail crosses the Hudson at the next bridge downstream from Beacon (Bear Mountain Bridge) and there are many hiking opportunities in this mountainous area. 


Cindy and I had planned to go up sometime during the summer to visit, and with the various scheduling difficulties, it turned out that the best week for me was the last week the Perkins had in New York.  What was originally planned to be a vacation for Cindy and me now included helping Lynn and Andy pack for Atlanta.  Also, since Andy had recently contracted Lyme disease (suspected), we decided that my round trip ticket would turn into a one-way fare, and I'd help Andy with the driving, at least as far as Chattanooga. 


Andy and Lynn picked us up at the airport in New York on Saturday afternoon, and we spent a fun few hours shopping and then looking for a good place to eat (we didn't wind up in one).  We enjoyed the ride up to Beacon, and just missed the sunset over Bear Mountain.  After an interesting church service at the Vineyard Fellowhip in Fishkill, Andy and I tackled Breakneck Ridge for some fantastic views of the Hudson River Valley.  Monday and Tuesday were site-seeing days for Cindy and I, and then on Wednesday and Thursday we packed and loaded the truck.  The carpets had to be shampooed Thursday evening, so we spent Thursday night at The Towne Inn of Fishkill


The next morning Andy took Lynn, Gideon, and Cindy in the car to LaGuardia, while I drove the truck to Bernardsville, New Jersey to wait for him.  He got there shortly before noon, and we hooked the car up to the tow dolly, got some food, and headed south.  The weather was great, and we made good time, arriving in Chattanooga at 2:30 AM Saturday.


I've taken a slightly different approach to the photo albums.  These are topical rather than chronological. 

Our Time Together

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Breakneck Ridge

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Historical Site-seeing.

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Views of the Hudson River

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Flora and Fauna of New York

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